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Work from home flawlessly with access Point setup

Visualize that you are having all the necessary things to work from home. You have all the professionalism and dedicated lifestyle to work from home. But the WiFi router in your home is not giving good connectivity because so many people are using the same internet connection. Working from home requires all your devices to perform in sync i.e. printer, pc, etc. To overcome such an issue of connectivity, you should purchase a good extender for your router. So that working from home is stress-free and you can be more productive and efficient in your work with access point setup.
This setup is the better way to set up your extender. It helps you with any problems faced by your device by providing links while you are using your system. So that you do not have to look always in the manual guide.

Access Point Setup

It allows your extender to show HD videos and envision a problem-less gaming experience. Following are the set of instructions to set up your device. Connect the plug of any extender of any brand in your electrical board and switch on the button of the same. Wait for the LED to become stable then connect either to your WiFi permitted devices. Connect to your extender’s network and then go to your WiFi network and connect your device. Click on any web browser of your choice and in the address bar enter ap.setup and then enter the login details of your extender.

Then login in the page then select the new WiFi network and enter the login details i.e. your user name and password and save the details for the same to apply the settings that you have just made by this process. You have setup and new extender setup and by this. Also you will be able to enjoy fast and secure internet connection. If you still can install your extender through these settings then do not panic and download the ap setup app. Now wait for a few minutes then your extender will be installed.

Access pint setup with admin

If you want access point setup via browser. Here are all the instructions that you need to keep in mind and follow. It is not necessary that you need to keep your router and extender at the same place. You can place your extender from your router halfway. Plug in your extender into your electrical board. Now make sure you get half percentage signal from your router to your extender. Also switch on your extender and then press the extender or repeater mode button. Then wait until the LED become fix at green. Take your laptop or PC or tablet and turn it on and go to your WiFi settings and choose your extender network. The extender network will be open network so connect directly. Connect without the need of entering a passcode and after connecting the WiFi.

Admin Login with IP Address 192. 168. 10. 1

it will show no internet connection so then open any browser of your choice. In your address bar enter access point setup login or the IP Address 192. 168. 10. 1 and then it will take you to the page where you can enter your login details by putting your username and password. Where you have to type to admin in both places. Then select the type of network to work with and then choose the network you want to work with. Also enter a new passcode and update your settings that will take around a minute to restart your system. Now you can connect your device and then from your wifi settings and also enjoy the high-speed connections.

If you want to do it via access point setup then after entering admin select access point setup mode. Then create a new password, SSID, security type for your access point. Then also reboot your device that will hardly take a minute. Connect it again to your extender and enjoy high-speed connections.

Final Words

If you can not enter the webpage then plug your extender into your socket. Also wait for 30 seconds then use your smartphone to search signal and then connect it. Then also connect it with the extender and with your enter the website or the IP Address http //192.168.o.10.1 wifi repeater and the login page will appear again. With all of the help, you will never feel deprived of your network connections again.




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