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When is speech therapy used?

Speech therapy is the treatment and assessment of communication issues and speech disorders. It is executed by speech-language pathologists (SLPs), also known as speech therapists. Such techniques are often used to enhance communication through measures. These include language intervention activities, articulation therapy, and others relying on the type of language or speech disorder.

The best speech therapist in Patna, speech therapy is required for speech disorders that generally develop in childhood. It is also needed in speech impairments in the case of adults, which happens due to serious brain injury or stroke.   

Why speech therapy is important?

Well, multiple languages or speech disorders needed to be treated, and the best speech therapist in Patna believes that speech therapy is the ultimate solution to such issues.

Articulation Disorders

An articulation disorder is a type of speech disorder where it becomes difficult to form specific word sounds properly. It’s generally found in children where they may distort, swap, drop or add word sounds due to speech disorders. For instance, while saying “this,” it appears as “this” is a speech disorder issue.

Fluency Disorders

It’s a type of disorder that affects the speed, flow, and rhythm of speech. As per the best speech therapist in Patna, cluttering and stuttering are counts under fluency disorders. A person suffering from stuttering has difficulty framing sentences due to blocked or interrupted words or often repeats some part of the words leading to difficult understanding. Meanwhile, a person having cluttering tends to speak quickly, due to which they merge few words together.  

Resonance Disorders

However, resonance disorders occur due to the obstruction or blockage of normal airflow in the oral or nasal cavities, which affects the vibrations responsible for voice quality. Even it can occur if the velopharyngeal valve doesn’t close properly. This disorder is also related to neurological disorders, cleft palate, and swollen tonsils.

Receptive Disorders

A person suffering from receptive disorders has difficulty understanding and dealing with what others are trying to say. It causes people to seem not much interested to hear others’ words. Even due to this issue, people face trouble following directions or suffering from limited vocabulary. Some other disorder comes under this category are hearing loss, autism, or head injury.

Expressive disorders

In expressive disorders, people struggle to express or convey information. If a person suffers from the expressive disorder, they may have a problem forming correct sentences, using the inappropriate verb tense. It’s also linked with developmental impairments hearing loss and Down syndrome. Sometimes it also happens due to medical conditions or trauma.

Cognitive- communication disorders

When a person has trouble communicating due to an injury to part of the brain, which is known to control thinking ability is called cognitive-communication disorder. This leads to issues related to memory, difficulty speaking, problem-solving, or listening. It can also occur due to some biological problems such as certain neurological conditions, stroke, or abnormal brain development.


This disorder affects a person’s ability to understand others and speak. It can also affect their ability to write or read. Well, stroke is the most common cause of this disorder, while some other brain conditions can also cause this problem.  



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