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The Ultimate Guide To Wooden Bed Frames

People often focus on buying the perfect mattress, thinking that is enough for a good night’s sleep. However, bed bases, or bed frames, are just as crucial.

You could have the softest mattress, but your sleeping experience will be sour without a proper frame.

If you’re planning to buy a wooden bed base, you might be wondering how to select the best option.

Here’s a handy guide to help you find your ideal wooden bed frame. Prepare to dive right in and discover everything you need to know.

What To Look For In A Wooden Bed Frame

Your primary focus should be finding something that suits your preferences and needs.

Once you’ve formed a basic idea of what you’re looking for, consider the following factors to narrow down your search.

1.     Design

The design of your wooden bed base should blend into your room’s overall vibe. If your room is relatively simple, you can get a fancy frame to add a design element.

If your room is already pretty decorated, you can go for a simpler bed base.

2.     Quality

Bed frames can be made from different kinds of wood. Each type has its own pros and cons, so you need to find what works best for you.

Here are a few common wood choices:

  • Pine: It is a popular choice because of how fast pine grows and its robust nature.
  • Oak: It is a long-lasting but expensive wood, and the furniture will last for several generations.
  • Birch: It is mainly used for its strength and hardness. It can tolerate harsh conditions, making it perfect for furniture.

3.     Type

While the basic platform-style wooden bed frames are pretty common, you could also check out some elaborate models.

Some other types you could consider are bunk bed bases, sleigh bed frames, and panel beds. You can pick whichever type seems the most practical and comfortable to you.

4.     Size

Zeroing in on the size of a bed base is quite straightforward as the size of the mattress directly influences it.

You should measure your mattress and compare the dimensions to that of the base before buying it.

5.     Ease of Assembly

This is an essential consideration for those that have limited mobility. Models that are easy to assemble require very little time and no tools to put together.

You won’t even have to ask another person for help or pay a fee for installation. Such beds are also great for those that move pretty often.

6.     Weight

If you want the freedom to move your furniture every now and then, a complex bed base will not be ideal. Elaborate beds will be pretty heavy and sturdy. However, they are perfect for people that weigh more.

Simple designs will weigh significantly less and move around easily, without any restrictions.

7.     Noise

Wood tends to shrink down or swell up per fluctuating temperatures and humidity levels. As a result, you may find some cracks in your bed base with time.

Frames with thicker wood slabs will have fewer such cracks and be less prone to noise, and vice versa.

The Bottom Line

You can find your ideal wooden bed base if you decide upon all of these factors beforehand.

Price is also an overarching factor, and you need to set up a budget before you shop around looking at different wooden bases.

Wood is an excellent material for bed bases. Grab yours now for a comfortable sleep!



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