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Types, Importance, Pros & Cons — Everything You Need to Know About Paper Bag Printing

Thinking about whether you should use paper bag in your business? Undoubtedly, it won’t be the most intriguing subject in today’s world, but understanding the contrasts between different kinds of paper bag printing and their qualities and capacities is essential and can be fruitful for any eatery, take-out business, or supermarket.

Paper bags are trendy among businesses that sell tangible products as these bags are 100% reusable, recyclable, and biodegradable. Besides, they are also environment-friendly and present less danger to wildlife. It requires less energy for paper bags to be reused than plastic ones.

Introduced in the 18th century, paper bags are now one of the key components in a business and play a vital role in branding. It gained popularity when some makers began creating paper bags that were long-lasting and dependable than the earlier ones. cheapest hosting in Pakistan

Paper bag printing is usually done in a box form so that it can hold products easily. Corporates are utilizing paper bags for advertising and branding purposes. If you get your hands on top-notch paper bag makers who can manufacture high-quality recycled brown bags, it will become highly cost-effective for you.

Besides, when you have experienced manufacturers on the back, you’ll know that your business will get paper bags that customers will love and appreciate. What’s more? You can also promote your brand through paper bags using your company’s name and logo. So, in this blog post, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about paper bags.

Brown Vs. White Paper Bag Printing — Which One is Best for Your Business?

Paper bags are available in a broad range of colors and sizes, making it challenging to pick what best suits your brand’s needs. Continue reading to find out what exactly you are looking for.

Mostly, when you go shopping, you receive products in either a brown paper bag or the white one. It indicates that businesses usually prefer these two colors when it comes to paper bags. However, brown paper bags are high in demand as compared to their white counterpart.

Meanwhile, less in demand doesn’t mean that white bags not worth your money. White paper bags make your brand’s logo and name more prominent than brown bags. So, no matter which color you pick, make sure that the paper you’re using for paper bag printing is tear-resistant and rip-proof.

Why are Paper Bags Superior to Plastic Bags?

Plastic bags affect the environment in many ways, including increase air pollution, damage natural habitats, and cause death in wildlife. Moreover, they are not renewable, which means you need to use UV rays to get rid of them, and these rays can adversely affect the atmosphere.

Plastic Bags

In contrast, paper bags are environment-friendly, recyclable, and cost-effective. Made from wood, you can turn paper bags into something else like newspapers, books, or magazines. These are the reasons that most companies prefer paper bags to hand over their products to consumers. So, if you’re thinking of bringing shoppers into your business, you should go for paper bag printing and designing.

Paper Bag Terminologies That You Should Know

Now you might be wondering, is there really something like paper bag terminology exists? So, believe it or not, there are some key terms that you should know before entering into the world of paper bags. Let’s explore some significant terminologies with us.

  • Paper basis weight — The weight (in pounds) of a single ream (500 sheets) of standard-sized paper. In easy words, basis weight defines the thickness of the paper used in paper bag printing. However, paper basis weight varies with the increase or decrease in the amount of paper. A paper basis weight in between 30-49 lbs. is labeled as standard duty, while more than 50 lbs. basis weight is considered heavy duty.
  • Gusset — An extra sheet added to the side or bottom of paper bags, creating a larger cubic area of space inside a bag.
  • Flat bottom design It is the most used paper bag as it’s easier to load groceries in flat bottom bags. As the name suggests, these bags have a flat bottom, making them stand upright on shelves.
  • Pinch Bottom Design —  These bags have no length measurement as they are designed with tightly sealed pointed bottoms. Pinch bottom bags work best for cards, calendars, and candies. blue host.com.pk free php hosting in pakistan

Pros and Cons of Paper Bag Printing

If you’re still not sure about using paper bags in your business, take a look at some significant pros and cons of paper bags below to get things clear.


  • 100% biodegradable, reusable, and recyclable.
  • Paper bags can bear more weight than plastic bags.
  • Prevents suffocation risk, especially for kids, older people, or animals.


  • The biggest disadvantage is paper bags are not waterproof like their plastic counterpart.
  • Paper bags are high in price as compared to plastic ones.

Take more space than plastic bags and are heavier than other types of bags.



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