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Oops!! Linksys RE6300 Range Extender Is Not Working

The linksys re6300 is a dual band wifi gigabit range extender. It boosts the wifi speed in the long-distance. Generally, this extender provides ultimate better network coverage as compared to others. The linksys re6300 range extender has cross band Technology maximizes simultaneous use of dual bands while Beam forming focuses and strengthens the Wi-Fi signal. It is a compatible device, it connects with many networking devices. Ordinarily the linksys router wifi signal eliminates WiFi dead zones throughout a home including, patio, garage, second floors and more. It also boosts wifi signal coverage up to 6,500 square feet. This extender extends Wifi coverage in large and multi storied homes with 2 adjustable, external antennas. It also works with any wifi router.

The linksys range extender is a simple setup with Push Button Connect and Spot Finder Technology for optimal placement and performance. In other words, the wifi Speeds up to N300 + AC433Mbps; Up to 2.9X Faster than N Technology. The range extender features simple setup options that also allow you to quickly determine optimal placement in relation to your router. Sometimes range extenders are not working, there are some issues.

Issue for linksys re6300 range extender is not working

The linksys range extender is the best device for expanding the range in the whole home, but sometimes it is not working. There are some reason, which are as follows:

Verify the place of your range extender

If the linksys re6300 range extender is not working, you also need to check the place of your extender. This means you need to check your extender doesn’t place in the hot area. You should place the extender in the ventilated, cool and airy area. If you use the wifi router, and you can also expand the range of wifi router. So you attach the wifi extender with router. You must place the extender near the wifi router. On the other hand, range extenders and wifi routers are placed in the same room.

Firmware update the linksys re6300 range extender

If your linksys range extender is not working, you need to check the firmware update. After the firmware update of the linksys extender, your extender will work properly. To update the firmware firstly you need to login the range extender. You can use http // to login the range extender. Then, type default login details in their fields and click “login”. Go to the setting and click the “system and tools” section. Under this section the firmware update option is there, also click on it. In a while click browse option, and select the file form the downloader. After uploading the file click on the update option. The firmware update process starts, you don’t turn off the device.

Check the connection

If the linksys re6300 range extender is not working, you also need to check the network connection. If you connect the extender to the computer. So you need to verify the network connection between the extender and computer. If the linksys range extender power LED flashes red light, this means connection is poor. If the power LED flashes green light, this means the connection is good. From which you also watch 4k videos and play the gaming console without any interrupt.

Change the frequency band

The linksys range extender is also dual band wifi extender this means its support 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band. If your linksys re6300 range extender is not working, you can change the frequency band. You can also change the frequency band from 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz. Initially, login the range extender with the default username ID and password. After login go to the setting and select wireless setting tab. Change the band from 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz and click “apply setting”.

Linksys RE6300 Range Extender Factory reset

If your range extender does not access the login and setup page, you will also easily reset the extender with the reset button. After resetting the extender all settings will automatically delete. To factory reset the extender, firstly you need to locate the linksys re6300 reset button. The reset button on the right side of the linksys re6300 range extender. Press the reset button for 10-15 seconds, you can also use the paper clip to press the button. In a while, you can hear a beep and then release the button. The power LED will flash orange light, this means the factory reset of the linksys extender is successfully complete.




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