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My nighthawk mk64 router is not working. What to do?

Nighthawk mk64 router provides you with high speed internet connectivity, If you are a gamer and want to stream online while playing games. Then by using an mk64 router you can fix slow internet speed problems. It will come with dual band technology. It will provide high speed range via wireless connectivity to your mobile phones, laptops, PC. If you are searching for an high speed internet speed router you can place an order of nighthawk mk64 router.

The process of nighthawk mk64 setup is also too easy. It delivers 1800mbps speed through an ethernet port by comparing with other internet routers. If y.ou are using any other router and not getting proper range and speed it’s a better choice to replace your old router with nighthawk mk64. By using this router you can perform all the activities in one time without facing any kind of problems. The design of this router is also too attractive and the performance is really impressive, But in case if you got any issues like nighthawk mk64 router is not working can follow some steps given below.

Nighthawk mk64 router is not working

This problem can be raised due to lots of reasons. If you want to solve this problem by not performing reset process you can follow some simple steps that are explained below-

At the first turn of your router and disconnect all the wires which are connected to the router. Wait for a while and again replug it carefully. Power “ON” your router and computer and connect a cable to your router with computer.

Now open any web browser in your computer, and in the URL box type the IP Address or www routerlogin net setup and search it, You will redirect on the configuration page. Here you need to enter the login details. The default password is “ADMIN” leave the username box blank and click on “LOGIN”

After entering the login portal of your nighthawk mk64 router click on the “Settings” and to access the internet connectivity select “Wireless network” option. Simply click on “Save” Now your router is starting to work. And the issue is solved.

If still your problem is not solve by performing all these activities you can follow more instruction given below –

Reset Nighthawk mk64 router

To reset your Nighthawk mk64 router must power on, By plugging its adapter into an electrical outlet. And search for a reset button which is available on the back side of your router, By taking a sharp pin or anything else just press the reset button for 2 seconds until the LED indicators start flashing. The router will automatically enter factory reset mode. After resetting your nighthawk mk64 router. Turn off your router and restart it. Now you need to complete the setup once again, After resetting you will lose all the saved settings of your router.

Nighthawk mk64 router firmware update

If you are using an old version then it will be the reason for the problem. So it’s good to update your router time to time. So here are some simple steps that can be use to perform firmware update –

To update the version you need to download a latest version for your router, It is available on the official website. Simply tap on the search bar and search for your router’s new version. Select a folder to save the version After download process is complete

Then turn on your router and access the configuration page. After login click on settings then visit advanced settings. Simply click on the firmware update and select your version that you downloaded earlier. It will automatically update and your router can automatically reboot its a common process during firmware update not need to worry.

In this way you can easily complete the firmware update and solve your issue. If the problem is not solve then be sure that your router has not any physical damage or also can contact the official support website.


At last we can say that the Nighthawk mk64 router is the best that provides you superfast internet connection. The setup is too easy, Some problems can be faced by users, it doesn’t mean that the router is not good. If a human can face health issues then it is a non living device. The router is very impressive by performance. Just use it in your house/office and enjoy a high speed internet connection.

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