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Multigenerational: A Preferable Choice for Residential

Multigenerational homes are designed to accommodate several generations living under the same roof. Multigenerational living is described as the cohabitation of at least two adult generations. This may be a home where grandparents live with their children and grandchildren, a home where parents live with their adult children, or even a home where four generations live together.

Each generation would have their room and privacy in a multigenerational home. In a country like India which is known for its rich culture and heritage, the demand for multi-generational homes was never depressed. The spacious homes with high-end amenities catering to the demands of every generation can be termed multigenerational homes.

If an individual invests in a home, he wants to keep it for the longest time possible. Security and possession will continue for generations to come. Planning a home that is commodious and fulfils the requirements of every age group sums up the expectation from the multigenerational home.

Pune is known as the Deccan queen of India and significant IT development. People from all over the country are relocating towards the city in search of a better lifestyle. Apart from this, the pollution-free and green, and cleaner environment of Pune is making it a favourite residential location.

As the city is home for new-age home buyers and professionals, it is inviting the demand for multigenerational homes. These homes provide additional space for whatever living arrangement best suits your family’s changing needs. Different parts of the city are seeking continuous demand for it. Following are the benefits of owning a multi-generational house.

  • Residing with ageing parents is easy consideration space and privacy-related requirements
  • Extended space for visitor’s stay
  • Amenities that meets the requirements of everyone
  • No space or privacy-related issues
  • Comfortable and convenient living
  • Extra space for additional house chores

Undri is located in the southern part of Pune is surrounded by pristine greenery and hilly regions. While residing at Undri, one can enjoy beautiful scenic views that will promote a sense of positivity and tranquillity. It invites nature lovers and new-age home buyers due to its pleasant weather.

It is a one-stop destination for professionals, as renowned IT companies such as Honeywell, TCS, IBM, and Accenture have their offices in the location. SEZs such as Phursungi IT Park, Magarpatta District, and Amanora Park Town, as well as Hadapsar, one of the city’s major commercial zones, are conveniently located from Undri making it a preferred destination for professionals and millennials.

Due to the extravagant offerings of Undri, the demand for residential space in the location is on the spike. At such a demanding location, the Ganga Fernhill project of Goel Ganga Developments offers 1 bhk, 2 bhk, and 3 bhk flats in Undri, Pune. This project offers spacious and multi-generational homes.

You’ll gain quality family time, increased family protection, shared obligations, and expenses, all while preserving privacy when you buy a multigenerational home. Here are a few compelling reasons to choose a multi-generational residence:

Promotes a feeling of togetherness

The multi-generational homes encourage the feeling of togetherness as your whole family lives under one roof. At the time of thick and thin, you all stand a unit with each other. Multigenerational families have the privilege of seeing each other every day, while most families only get together on special occasions.

 These families establish a high degree of connection and closeness by sharing the space. Distributing chores and age-appropriate duties among family members is a great way to maintain harmony among the house members. The 3 bhk villas in Undri promote the sense of belongingness as there is ample space for everyone to reside in.

Space becomes prominent

One of the primary reasons for residing in a multigenerational home is space. These homes provide ample space for everyone. Along with space, these houses also promote privacy. Everyone has their personal space in these houses.

Apart from this, the distinctive high-end amenities also cater to the needs of everyone. Comfortable and convenient housing is promised by these homes.


At the premium location of Undri, the Ganga Fernhill project provides multi-generational homes. These homes are easy on the pocket and are of magnificent construction quality. Considering the extravagant offerings of the project, the residences are available at affordable value propositions.

The residences at the project promise some top-notch specifications that include a high street shopping experience, convenient living, work from home station, unique and smart designs, transparent functionally, budget-friendly apartment, and contemporary commercial spaces.

Promotes family safety

For elderly parents, multi-generational homes may be a great alternative for assisted living. Knowing your parents are close by would give you peace of mind, and your parents would appreciate being able to spend more quality time with family members. At the time of emergency, you all will be with each other.

Multigenerational homes are designed to ensure comfortable and stress-free living. Bringing generations of your family together under one roof will reinforce your bonds, make life simpler, and bring you closer together.



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