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Learning About and Styling the Cowboy Hat – An Essential Cowboy Hat Guide for Women

If you discuss the stylish and statement-making hats for women available today, you can’t overlook the cowboy hat. And if you read a bit of its history, you will know that traditionally, these hats were worn initially by the cattlemen and ranchers to stay secured from the scorching sunlight and other harsh elements. The hat also protects women from winds and makes a stunning fashion statement at events and functions.

If you are planning to sport the womens straw cowboy hats, you need to know about the available multiple styles. That is not all! It’s equally important to understand how to select this hat to fit you well and improve your wardrobe. If that’s what is on your mind, this article can be the best guide for you.

The different styles of the cowboy hat

Do you want to recognize the multiple cowboy hat styles available for women today? If yes, you need to get a roll-shaped brim and a creased crown. Additionally, the crown crease will impact how you manage the hat as you take it off and put it on. And women can select all these features depending on their style preferences. The popular styles that are available today are:

  • Cattleman – You are most likely to visualize this when you think of a straw cowboy hat. It is a classic, conventional cowboy hat that comes with a center crease and a curled brim.
  • Brick – You can call it the squared-off cattleman. Its crown is rectangular, and the brim comprises squared edges.
  • Gus – This hat style bears resemblance with the cattleman and possesses a higher crown that slopes forward.
  • Tom mix – This hat style is also called the “10 Gallon Hat” and “Montana.” The crown is similar to Gus and is slightly taller to give a dramatic effect. It has a curved brim.
  • Pinch front – This hat comes with a softer teardrop and sharp diamond-shaped crown that contains dimples on both sides. It also has a curved brim.
  • Open crown – It comes with a very loose crown fit and a round brim.
  • Gambler – This hat style is also termed as the “Telescope”. It comes with a flat, low crown and has got a spherical indent at the top. The brim is flat and wide.

Hence, women have access to several cowboy hat styles to experiment with and choose the best that caters to their requirements and style preferences.

Wearing your cowboy hat  

Women can wear straw cowboy hats in multiple ways. It usually depends on whether they are wearing the hat to walk into a casual event or at work. Today, women can wear a hat similar to a cowboy or a rancher. In that case, it’s essential that the sweatband is connected with the wearer’s forehead and it sits easily above the ears and eyebrows. The other stylish way of sporting this hat is to create an iconic look by propping the hat slightly. But then, if there is a strong wind, the hat can get blown off. So, you need to fix your preferences and decide the way you want to wear your hat.

What can you pair up with your cowboy hat?

Today, the cowboy hat is a famous fashion accessory. Hence, you have the option to pair it with almost anything. You can sport it casually or can also make a bold style statement. If you want to keep things casual, simple and classy you can choose your button-up tops and shirts, jeans and cotton trousers. Most women want to pair this hat with dark blue denim, a white top, or a shirt and cowboy boots to complete their look. Others also love to sport it with a summer dress, shorts and sometimes with a bodycon dress. Hence, you need to experiment with your style and choose the one that complements you the best.

Choosing the correct straw cowboy hat that suits your face

These hats look stylish on any woman who sports them! However, if you aren’t sure how the hat will look, it’s essential to do some homework. You can refer to online style guidelines and also ask your hat maker for the necessary suggestions. However, you need to maintain one rule. The crease edge of the hat brim needs to stay even with your outside face. You can choose a wide or narrow brim as per your preference.

The ideal hats for women

Do you have long hair and wondering how to wear the cowboy hat? The truth is any style will complement women who love to keep their hair open. But the two distinct styles to count on include the pinch front and the open crown.

Women can also experiment with many hairstyles as they experiment with the straw cowboy hat. They can make a braid or a low ponytail. And if you have wavy, curly, or straight hair, you can keep it open as well. Now that you know these facts, you can style your cowboy hat better.



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