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Ideas to Make Your Virtual Holiday Parties Engaging in 2021

2022 is around the corner, and it is high time you start planning your virtual new year celebrations. If you’re looking for some ideas to make sure your guests have the time of their lives at your party, don’t worry, this blog has got your back!

Here are some tips that will help you make your virtual holiday parties engaging in 2021-

Set a theme

Is there any event without a theme? It is a fun way to transform your party and deliver an enriching experience to your guests. The theme will help you make the entire process convenient. Host a superhero-themed party or something around the 80’s. It will give you and your attendees a very collective feeling and add to the excitement. If you are planning your party for your friends and close group, you can set the theme around a common interest.

Host a Cocktail Party

How about gossiping with your loved ones over some cocktails and mocktails? This idea will give you all a very cozy feel and give your virtual new year celebrations a warm touch. You can also invite a trending bartender to your party to host your virtual cocktail party. The bartender will guide you, and you all can make drinks and enjoy them. To make the party more engaging, add some games and other elements to your party.

How about jamming to some music

It’s not really a party without some great music. Curate an open playlist and invite your guests to add songs of their choice to it. It is a great way to make your guests feel included and drive the engagement to your virtual new year party. You can use services like Spotify and Soundcloud for the same. To add jazz to the party, play a ‘guess the song’ game with your guests. The rules are simple, play a song and let others guess who could have added it to the playlist. Jam with the songs, dance to them, and enjoy your virtual new year celebrations.

Karaoke Night

Of course, you can’t hit a karaoke night with your friends and family physically, but you can always do that virtually. Host a virtual karaoke night with your loved ones to add more fun to your virtual new year celebrations. It will help your guests let loose themselves and make your party more lively. You don’t need to be a singer for this, neither do your guests. Encourage your attendees to showcase their singing talents and tell them it’s a ‘No-Judgment’ zone. So, no matter how bad you sing, nobody will judge you.

Game Show

How about keeping the virtual new year celebrations low-key yet fun? Include a virtual game session and give an enjoyable vibe to the environment. There are many options that you can include such as Pictionary, trivia sessions, and dumb charades. Make sure your moderator knows how to handle the audience and is an expert when it comes to this. It will make or break the party game for you. An efficient host will make sure the environment is lively till the end, and your guests have a great time. Various virtual meeting platforms will help you with hosting a memorable virtual new year party. One of them is Dreamcast. Its engaging and unique features will make sure everyone enjoys the party and have the time of their lives.

Include a wine tasting session

How about clinking glasses together and bringing in the new year in the best way possible! It is a unique yet engaging way that can help you deliver an experience your guests will never forget. You can get some wines delivered to your guests’ doorsteps and later enjoy them together. Also, it is a great idea if you’re someone who has knowledge of wines. You can share that knowledge with your guests. I mean what is better than sharing some piece of knowledge and fun using the same platform?

Include a Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts have always been an on-ground activity, but so has a holiday party. So, if you can take the entire concept of parties to the internet, scavenger hunts are merely an element. Include these activities in your virtual new year party and give your party a closer to reality touch. Allocate a time limit to your guests; try to keep it a minimum. Don’t forget that your attendees are participating from their homes; hence, include only those things that are easily available. A few things that can make it to your list are-

  • Favorite food item.
  • Their Favorite Sweater.
  • Favorite hair accessory
  • Any piece of stationary
  • Add a few trickier items to make the game more exciting and level up the difficulty level. The rules are pretty simple, one who collects all the items the fastest wins an exciting prize.

Host a Dance Party

Let loose yourself and move to some party numbers and bring in the new year with a bang. Even if you’re hosting a virtual new year party for your employees, a virtual dance party will help your employees relax and have fun with others. A virtual dance party also works when you don’t have any other unique idea for your party. Create an awesome playlist and ask your guests to get into their party shoes, and voila! Ask your employees to make it more happening by uploading the snaps and videos on social media. It won’t only create a buzz about your party, but also your employees will connect with fellow employees from other departments, something that doesn’t happen otherwise.

Exchange Smiles with Greeting Cards

Take your guests back into their childhood and ask them to craft some new year cards by hosting a card exchange activity. Though handmade cards are more personal, virtual cards will also work; given we all are compelled to stay inside our homes. Allocate a random name to your guests and ask them to craft a greeting card for them. The idea is to add a personal touch to it and exchange smiles with a greeting card. It won’t only make your party more engaging but also allow your guests to create bonds that will last long.  

The above-mentioned ideas will help you to make your virtual new year parties engaging in 2021. One more crucial thing you need to make sure your party is a hit, is an efficient Virtual Meeting Platform like Dreamcast. If you’re also planning to bring in the upcoming year in full jazz, get in touch with the platform and let the magic unfold.



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