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How to Improve Your Baby’s Sleep Cycle

If you are a new parent, then you have no doubt suffered from sleep deprivation due to your new bundle of joy. You have to get up frequently to feed the baby on a regular cycle, and your baby may not be a good sleeper. It is common to feel that you have not had a good night’s sleep for decades, but be assured that things will get better. By following a few helpful tips, you can help your baby to get on a good sleep schedule.

#1 Don’t Start Too Soon

Some of the frustration that new parents can feel is because they are trying to get their baby on a sleep schedule too soon. A baby’s natural sleep cycle will not begin to kick in until about four to six months, so if you try anything before that time, you may get discouraged. You have to be comfortable with the fact that the baby may have a strange sleep cycle for the first few months, so parents do well to work together and take turns waking up in the evening to feed the baby until the baby goes back to sleep. When the baby turns about four months old, then you can begin to try to implement a sleep schedule.

#2 Plan For Naps

You do well to plan out the naps that your baby will take once he or she is ready for a sleep schedule. The first nap that you should plan for is the morning nap. Generally, babies will take three naps during the day. The afternoon nap and the late afternoon nap may be more challenging to schedule, so first, try to schedule the morning nap. You want to schedule the nap after the baby has been fed and changed. Try to stick with the regular time for the morning nap, and once your baby gets used to that, then you can move on to scheduling the other two naps.

#3 Have the Right Ambience

Make sure that you have a designated spot for a baby to sleep. This is most likely going to be his or her crib. In the crib, make sure to have a breathable crib mattress, so that your baby is completely comfortable and in a safe environment. Close the window shades, and make sure that the temperature in the room is comfortable. Give your baby time, not all babies fall to sleep right away, and even if he or she wakes up, allow the baby a little bit more time to see if he or she will go back to sleep in a little bit.

#4 Track Your Baby’s Sleep with an App

You are able to see the times that your baby sleeps by using innovative apps. These apps will show you when your baby moves around and gets up. Behavioral analytics can be helpful for you when you are trying to create a sleep schedule for your baby. According to Micro Focus, “Behavioral analytics utilizes a combination of big data analytics and artificial intelligence on user behavioral data to identify patterns, trends, anomalies, and other useful insights to enable appropriate actions.”

You Will Sleep Again

Even though you may feel like you will never get a good night’s rest again, it will happen. This is a struggle that all parents have to go through, and in time, your and your baby’s sleep schedule will align. For the time being, follow some of the tips by Naturepedic mentioned in this article, and be patient with yourself and your new baby.



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