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How to Fix Error of Wireless printer Device?

The wireless printer is a tremendous device, it is a new technology and reduces paperwork. You can use the wired connection to print the document. Nowadays, many wireless printers are coming on the market. If you are using the canon pixma mg3620 printer, it is wireless this means it does not need any wire. It prints using a wireless network connection. This wireless printer device is an all-in-one printer, this means it scans, prints and copies the document and photos. This printer is mainly used for small offices and home-based businesses. The photo quality of this printer is high and great colour accuracy. Wireless printers have been made using advanced technology. It is easy to connect the mobile phone, using the mobile phone, you can quickly print any document, photos, files and more.

You can easily connect the wireless printer device to the mobile through the App. You can easily print out from the printer by sharing the photo with the printer. Print through the mobile phone device is not difficult. But after some time, the printer device is not available to print from the mobile device.

Wireless printer Device is not printing out

If the wireless printer device does not print out, then you have to look at a few things to fix this issue. As you have to see, the printer switch is ON or not. Make sure the printer driver is installed or not. And also check in the control panel whether the printer is offline. Before applying paper to the printer, see if the paper is bent or torn. If you have a Canon company printer, then you have to be sure the Canon pixma mg3620 installation is the proper way.

Try connecting the printer to the wifi with a cable

If there is a problem in connecting your printer to WiFi then you can connect it in a wire way to fix the issue. For this, you will need a USB cable. First of all you have to turn off the power of your wireless printer device and then the wifi router. Then you have to take an USB cable, plug one end of it into the printer’s Internet port and plug the other end into the router’s Internet port.
After that, power on the router and have to wait till the light is lit in the router. Then, power On the wireless printer and you see the wifi router is automatically connected to the wifi router.

Can’t access the setup page of the wireless printer device

If the setup page of the wireless printer is not being accessed, then you will have to see the internet connection to fix this issue. The device where you are accessing the setup page has a proper internet connection. If the canon pixma mg3620 wireless setup for the web-based. You can use the web address for setting up the wireless printer. With this you will easily get access to the setup page.

Make sure the firmware is up-to-date

If your printer is not working well and showing errors, then you should keep checking firmware time-to-time to fix this issue. For this, you have to login to the wireless printer device, with username and password help. After that you have to go to the administrative setting, you have to select the advanced section. Within this section you have to go to Tools, you will see the option of freeware update. Click on the firmware update option, Then you will see the section of the bottom side “check update”, from that you can check the firmware version.

Reset the wireless printer device

First of all, you have to follow the resolution given on the upper side step, if the printer still does not work then you can reset it. The wireless printer reset is simple, after reset the printer deletes all the settings. You have to set up the printer again. To reset the printer, the front side reset button of the printer, press it for 10 seconds. You can use the paper clip to press the reset button. After that release the button and now the printer will have a light indicator which means the printer has reset.

Final Words

The connection of the wireless printer device is easy to mobile through the App. Effortless print out from the printer with the help of a mobile app by sharing the photo with the printer. The process of Prints through your mobile phone device is not hard. But sometimes users face bugs because the printer device is not able to print from the mobile device. Then you can get the troubleshooting steps with us. We are available to resolve the issues. To get more details and information always keep our details on the mind.

These are some issues, which you can also follow when your printer does not work and after following this, your wireless printer will work properly.

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