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How to cover dead zones by using the tp link re305 repeater

My name is James and I am from the USA, Working as a teacher, Lockdown is placed due to coronavirus, So all the schools and institutions got closed to prevent the spread of covid-19. So it brings a new challenge to me. As a teacher I can’t compromise with my student’s study so I decided to take online classes. For this a high speed internet connection must be required, I am already using a router for internet connectivity. Maybe due to lots of connections. Router is unable to provide a reliable connection, So I started to search for a solution, Then someone suggested that I use a tplink re305 repeater. So in this article I will share how you can use a tplink re305 repeater, and enjoy experience of high speed connectivity.

Internet is so important in those days without internet we will unable to manage all our work, If you are living in a big house and not getting proper range coverage of your main Wi-Fi router then you can use a tplink re305 repeater will helps you to cover all the dead zones area in your house. In this repeater you will get many specifications like dual band, mimo technology, parental control and the tp link re305 setup is too easy.

Dual band Wi-Fi Repeater –

It will come with dual band. In some repeaters this feature is not available and it causes loss speed. Dual band works like it will connect to the router with one band and output WI-FI signal in another band. Tp link re305 dual band repeater uses FastLane technology to improve the performance.

Mimo Technology –

In tplink re305 repeater you will get MIMO Technology. It means multiple inputs or multiple outputs. It is an advanced technology that helps to transmitters or receivers to receive and transfer more data in one time. Lots of devices can connect at one time, It will not impact internet speed and provide a reliable connection.

4 LAN Ports –

The tplink re305 repeater will come with 4 LAN ports.To connect with wired connection with computer or laptop, To make connection just need to plug in one end of ethernet cable to tplink re305 repeater LAN port and other to Computer/laptop LAN port. By using a LAN port you will get high speed internet connectivity.

Wireless Security –

In any other repeater you will get security but not this type, In that repeater anyone can access your personal information but In this repeater you will get a high security level of 64/128-bit WEP WPA-PSK / WPA2-PSK. By using this high security level you don’t need to worry about hackers. No one can hack your data.

The setup process of tplink re305 repeater is too easy, To complete the setup you can use two different methods, WPS or Online.

1). WPS button

If you want to complete setup using WPS method. Need to bring your repeater near to the router after unboxing it from the box. And plug its adapter into an electric socket and power it “ON”. The LED indicators start to flash, Now just press the WPS button for 5 seconds of your router and do the same with your repeater, Press WPS button of repeater too for and release it, It will automatically connect.

2). Online setup via browser

If you want to complete your tplink re305 repeater setup online take any device like mobile/pc/laptop. Need to open Wi-FI setting in which device you want to use for setup, After then enable WI-FI option and search for available network, Now select your extender network name and connect with it, After connecting open any web browser and in URL box type tplinkrepeater net or IP ( in URL box and search it, You will land on the management portal. Where you need to enter your credentials to access the homepage, The default credentials are “ADMIN”

Final Words –

In the end this device is the best and you can get this device at an affordable price, I also used this device. The performance is too good as well as it covers up to 2500 m. The internet speed is 1200 mbps and small in size. Easily can take it along with you even on travels.

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