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How to attach msrm wifi extender with my existing router?

Hello friends I am Stuart from the USA. Working as a professor. Past six months are too difficult for every person. Official announcement of lockdown is like a big shock. All the institutions, Public place market’s and schools close to stop the spreadivity of covid-19 disease. So it brought a new challenge to manage all the things. Due to lockdown I have a big fear of the study of my student’s. So I decided to teach them online, I am using a router to access the internet but. That router is unable to fulfill all requirements so msrm wifi extender makes it easier. How, do you want to know?

If you are living in a big house and the router is not so capable of providing you a reliable connection. Then MSRM Wi-Fi extender can solve all your problems. Many lots of advanced features available in MSRM extender. The setup process is easier; you can use ap setup as a web address to access the web login page. If you are a beginner and want help so today here I am going to help you step by step. After setting up it will help your router to boost the signal and cover all the weak spots.

How to connect msrm wifi extender to router

Msrm wifi extender is compatible to work with all kinds of router, just need to do setup, you can easily complete the setup process by pressing the WPS button which is available on the back side of your extender or also can use a cable to attach your extender to the router.

Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)

Just need to plug your extender in the same room where your router is placed. Then turn it “ON”
After that, waiting for LED indicators got stable. Then press the WPS button of your msrm wifi extender. Do the same with your router, On the back side WPS button is available. Press it until LED indicators get stabilized. Wait for while it will automatically pair with your router. Keep in mind that the time between pressing the WPS button of both router and extender. It is not enough then 2 minutes, Otherwise it will fail to establish connection.

Using web based online browser

The other way to connect msrm wifi extender to router via online web browser. In this method you need to connect your device smartphone/tablet/pc to your msrm wifi extender network. It can be done through wireless or using a cable, after connecting just open any web browser in same device. In which wi-fi network is connected, Open any web browser like chrome, bing, or any other. In URL box type ap.setup or the IP address of your msrm wifi extender and search it.

A new page will appear by asking to fill your credentials the default username or password is admin. After entering the login credentials you will be able to make changes. Just hit on Advanced option then click on network, here add your router. You want to extend the network. After verifying the IP Address or all the details your extender will connect to the router. In this way you can easily setup your extender.

Reset msrm wifi extender

Sometimes we may face different kinds of issues like the internet is not working or extender is not extending the network. Then in this issue only one thing can solve your issue is msrm wifi extender reset. This process is too easy just need to completely switch off your extender and restart it, disconnect all the cables. The back side of your msrm wifi extender a reset button is available. Press it for 2 seconds and release it, Your extender will enter on reset mode you can confirm it through LED indicators. After resetting all the settings will reset. Now you need to again setup your extender, In this way you can easily reset your msrm wifi extender.


At last we can say that msrm wifi extender is the best choice. If you are searching for extender, It will expand the network upto 3000m. Many advanced features you will got in this extender. This amazing device at an affordable price is not a bad deal. Go for it and enjoy a high speed internet connection by covering all the weak zones. When your wifi router not working then you can get the details with us.




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