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Healthy fruits and vegetables for stomach

Today’s lifestyle causes more and more people to suffer from stomach pain. If this is your case, we recommend that you watch your diet and avoid foods that are too acidic or with a large amount of starch. Above all, fruits and vegetables are recommended since they provide a large amount of fiber, starch, and pectin. However, although all of them are suitable for people with stomach pains, some especially recommend alleviating these symptoms. Therefore, today we will see what are healthy fruits and vegetables for the stomach.

Stomach-healthy fruits and vegetables:

Here is a list of seven healthy fruits and vegetables for the stomach, whose common denominator is their high level of nutrients and fiber:

Apple: This delicious fruit has high soluble fiber levels and is rich in pectin and other natural enzymes that help prevent many upset stomachs. We especially recommend that you consume red apples without the skin cut into small pieces to avoid indigestion.

Banana: relieves heartburn, stimulates digestion, reduces gastritis, prevents gastric ulcers, and protects the intestine’s mucosa. To increase its effectiveness, it must be consumed raw and green.

Papaya: the enzymes that make up this fruit help improve the stomach’s acidity levels and mild stomach pains, which is why it is especially suitable for people with stomach ulcers.

Blueberries: thanks to its large amount of fiber, this fruit is one of the most used to improve digestion and fight stomach pains. Also, it is rich in antioxidants and flavonoids, which help prevent gastritis.

Avocado: it is an excellent source of potassium and fiber, very healthy for the stomach.

Pineapple: the fact that it contains glutamine makes this fruit protect us against gastric and duodenal ulcers, and the one with bromelain helps us digest food better. It is also helpful to fight intestinal parasites.

Peach: it is rich in carotenes, which act as powerful antioxidants, which, together with its high level of vitamin C, helps us protect ourselves from the appearance of gastric ulcers. Healthy fruits for every part of the body and ailment.

Healthy fruits for gastritis:

To avoid and control the symptoms associated with gastritis, one of the most widespread stomach problems today, it is advisable not to mix carbohydrates with proteins, avoid fried foods, chew slowly, eat fruit between meals instead of sweets and avoid excessive consumption of caffeine and alcohol. Also, it is convenient to establish a schedule for our meals (if possible, five meals instead of three). And, of course, combine all this with stomach-healthy fruits and vegetables capable of fighting gastritis:

Lemon: neutralizes stomach acid.

Cabbage: eliminates both burning and pain.

Carrot: protects the gastric mucosa and regulates the digestive tract.

Potato: has soothing and anti-inflammatory qualities.

Ginger: promotes digestion, prevents the deterioration of the stomach lining and the appearance of ulcers.

Pear is responsible for regulating the nervous system and the digestive system.

Eating fruit at night time?

Heaviness, insomnia, gastric problems. Does it sound familiar? Are you one of those who does not know if it is good to eat fruit at night? By now, we already know that fruits and vegetables are essential in our daily diet, but it is clear that we still need to know their properties in-depth to get the most out of them.

A good rest is linked to a good diet, but each person is different, and what feels bad for some can be fatal for others. The debate on whether it is good or bad to eat fruit at night is still. Like almost everything in life, nothing is black or white, so our answer is “it depends”: eating fruit at night is good if you know how to do it.

What fruits to eat at night?

At night it is advisable to consume:

Fruits that are rich in water (to improve food digestion and keep the body hydrated all night),

Fruits that help you relax (ideal for falling asleep) and

Satiating fruits (which will prevent you from getting hungry in the middle of the night and storming the fridge). Any idea what fruits fit this description?

The apple is a surprising fruit because it has many properties. It combines with all foods and, unlike most fruits, it can be eaten at any time of the day. Meanwhile, the pear, in addition to being consumed at night without any problems, has properties able to fight fluid retention, which is perfect for those who often wake up with swollen eyelids or bags under the eyes.

Also, within this type of fruit, which is very abundant in water, is the melon, but what about the saying that says “Melon gold in the morning, silver in the afternoon and kills at night”, because we have not found any scientific explanation. More than being a fruit with a lot of water and eating a large quantity, it can make us get up to go to the bathroom at night.



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