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Expeditious Techniques To Configure Rove R2-4K Dash Cam

The Rove R2-4K camera is a wireless security camera that has a built-in WiFi GPS car. It can record the video in up to 2160p resolution. This camera is specially designed to record your driving location and speed. The Rove r2-4k camera is easily connected to the wi-fi and works very well. This camera is built-in with a GPS navigation system. It records the videos in ultra HD quality, this quality is so good that you will notight Sce much more quality and clarity as compared to other car dash cams. This dashcam uses Revolutionary Super Night Vision Technology that helps to get relatively clearer images and footage from the camera is recorded in low light condition. The Rove R2-4K dash cam has built-in wifi, you can use the Rove app and connect the camera to the wi-fi network.

The rove R2-4K wireless camera has built-in GPS that accurately records the car speed and driving location. It is specially designed to provide crystal 4K videos in HD quality. The rove app provides the facility to do dash cam setup. After setting up the camera you can quickly control your camera from anywhere at any time. It supports a Micro SD card, this card is 512 GB.

Some techniques to configure Rove R2-4K Dash cam

The Rove R2-4K wifi camera comes with 1.8 apertures, parking mode, emergency video lock, time-lapse video, motion detection, 150° A+ wide-angle lens, slow-mo video, G-sensor, loop cycle recording, and supports up to 512GB micro SD card. With these features, you can enjoy dash cam seamlessly without any interruption.

Unbox the Rove R2-4K wireless dash camera from the packaging box

To configure the Rove wifi GPS camera firstly you can take the packaging box of this camera. And then use the components for unboxing. You can use a knife or scissors and then unbox the packaging box. Now, to verify the components, in the packaging box comes to some components such as a power adapter, USB cable, power cable, screws, SD card, and more. Then, decide the optimum and perfect location for your camera. The optimum location is near the GPS. This camera is specially made with built-in GPS. Then, you can built-in the camera in the top[ side of the GS navigation system.

Installation of the Rove R2-4K camera

After unboxing the Rove R2-4K dash cam you install this camera. Without installing you cannot configure this cam. Then use provided components, these components usually come with the cam. You can take the power cable and attach it to the rear panel of the camera. And the power the adapter is surely plug into the car power outlet. After that, built-in the camera into the GPS system. Now, use the power button, and then the power is up now of this dash camera.

Configure the Rove R2-4K dash cam with Rove App

Now, you can quickly configure the dash camera with the Rove app after installation and unboxing. Now, you can use a mobile phone and iPhone. Then you can be sure the wi-fi network is there in your iPhone and smart mobile phone. You can visit the apple app store or Google Play store and download the Rove app on your iPhone or Android mobile phone to rove r2-4k dash cam app setup. Then use the username and password, log in to the account. Now, add the cam to the Rove app with +icon. And then visit the network page, you can input the network name and password. Then your camera is connect to the wi-fi network.

Troubleshooting steps of the Rove R2-4K camera

Sometimes the Rove R2-4K camera is not turning, not connecting to the wi-fi network, not recording the video, and others. Then the troubleshooting steps to solve all the problems.

If the camera is not turning On then you can confirm all the connections. Maybe the cable is not properly attach to the camera then you can again attach the cable to the dashcam.

The Rove R2-4K dashcam is not connect to the wi-fi network then you can verify your camera is properly attach to the rove app. Maybe your mobile phone is far away from the dashcam.

If it does not record video then the problem is dust. There may be dust on the top of your camera. Then, you should use dry clothes and then clean the dust in your dashcam.

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