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Enjoy Amplified Network Coverage With Rockspace AC1200 Extender

The rockspace AC1200 is wireless wifi range extender. It provides stable, strong and better wifi connectivity in the whole house. You can Amplified Network Coverage With Rockspace. It mostly used in the home and office. With Wifi Extender you get more coverage in your home and office. The rockspace ac1200 extender is dual-band, which means it supports 2.4 GHz band and 5 GHz band. It gives you WiFi speeds up to 1167 Mbps. The 2.4 GHz is a lower frequency, which is mostly in all the devices and 5 GHz is the higher frequency, which in some devices. The rockspace extender has 2 external antennas, which maintain the wifi network. It takes the signal from the existing wifi router and amplifies the network coverage.

The front side of the Rockspace Extender is a WPS button with which you can easily rock space ac1200 setup. If you want to Setup from web-based, then you can do that too. It is compatible with all the networking devices such as wireless printer, wifi router, laptop, computer, and more. If you want to make a wired connection then there is a side Ethernet port under the extender, from which you can easily make a wired connection.

Network Coverage With Rockspace Using Wired connection

If you want to enjoy amplified coverage with rockspace Extender, then you can have a wired connection with rockspace AC1200 Extender. For this, you will have to need the Ethernet cable. Firstly, power off the extender and computer wire is unplugged into the electric outlet. Take an ethernet cable, in the one end of the cable attach in the range extender and the other end attach the computer or laptop. In a while, power “ON” the wifi range extender, you will see the power LED indicated on the extender and then, computer power wire plug into the power circuit and power ON the computer. The computer screen displays the message, your wifi extender successfully connects the computer.

Best Network Coverage With Rockspace login from Right way

If you want stable wifi connectivity and amplified network coverage with rockspace AC1200 range extender. For this, you can login the extender from the right way. If you used web-based to login the extender, so for this make sure the connection between the computer and wifi range extender is properly. And you check the device has wifi connectivity, the device in which you want to login the extender. You can also use the re.rockspace.local, but you need to know the default username ID and password. Most cases the default username and password is “admin”.

Utilize WPS button for Network Coverage With Rockspace

If you want to enjoy amplified network coverage in the whole home or office, so for this setup the extender with the WPS button. The WPS button in the front side of the extender. After setup the extender, you can enjoy a seamless wifi network and you can watch HD movies or videos without any buffering. To set up the extender with the WPS button, place the extender near the router. This means router and extender placed in the same room. Then, press the WPS button of the rockspace AC1200 extender for 10 seconds. Amd within 2 minutes press the router WPS button. After sometime the extender power light will turn solid green, this means the setup is successfully done. You can enjoy the wifi connectivity of the extender.

Use the Dual-band and MU-MIMO technology

If you want better and more wifi coverage in the long-distance area, you can use the Dual-band and MU-MIMO technology. In the dual-band, it supports 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency. In the AC1200 dual band extender, it gives up to 1200 Mbps speed. It covers the area up to 1292 sq. ft. This extender removes or eliminates the dead from the house or office. The MU-MIMO technology involves the range extender, it supports many networking devices, this means at a time it is compatible with more devices. And it gives stable connectivity to all the devices.

Final Words

The rockspace AC1200 wifi range extender is a tremendous device. It has 2 external antennas and one WPS button, that help to set up the extender. It boosts the wifi speed in the long-distance area. This extender is easily connected to the wifi router using the WPS button. The rockspace extender range is strong and high. It is a compact size. During the lockdown I also bought this extender and it gives a lot of better results. From which solve all requirements for wifi connectivity needs. So that it is a fabulous device for Enjoy Amplified Network Coverage.

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  2. How do I upgrade the firmware of my Re.rockspace.local WIFI extender? To update the firmware of your repeater manually connect to the range extender’s WIFI network. Now, you need to download the latest firmware for your device from Rockspace’s official website. Select a web browser of your choice and open the Re.rockspace.local login window. A quick setup page will appear. Click cancel to cancel the quick setup and perform the setup manually. Go to the homepage of your device and open the System tools tab.


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