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Top 7 best sports for your body health

Playing sports is the best way to keep the body in optimal condition and to improve its performance on different levels. However, it is not as simple as it may sound, and, in a way, each sport has its benefits and risks, so some sports are better than others.

The vast number of games helps lose weight naturally, control stress levels, and prevent all types of diseases. On an emotional level, they make us feel better about ourselves and improve our sexual performance, among many other benefits.

Well, I am going to present to you the 7 best sports for health, in addition to some of their fundamental characteristics and everything that, from now on, you should take into account when practising your favourite sports.

1.   Squash

Like the fronton or the so-called fronton paddle, squash is often considered the most complete and intense sport and the best for health. Half an hour of squash every day is enough to exercise practically the entire body and burn 517 calories.

Practicing this sport includes cardio-respiratory and muscular training, increasing the resistance of your body, and increasing your abdomen’s flexibility and the muscles of the back.

The risks of squash are the muscular injuries and the blows that one can take both by the ball and by your partner’s racket.

2. Rowing

Like squash, rowing is an excellent exercise in terms of strength, flexibility, and muscular endurance. According to experts, the heart and the respiratory system itself are also immensely benefited by practicing this sport, another of the best and most complete for health, 30 minutes burn 302 calories.

It may not be easy, as it is not a sport that you can do anywhere. However, many gyms have rowing machines. With this sport, muscle mass is constantly formed, and it is worked on at all levels.

Here the risks are also related to back pain, muscle injuries, and tendonitis.

3. Swimming

Swimming is my favorite sport for many reasons. Since I was little, I have always been fascinated by being in the water, but I can exercise and obtain health benefits much better.

It strengthens the bones, brings great benefits at the cardio-respiratory and muscular level, giving strength, resistance, flexibility, and shape to the entire muscle mass. Perhaps the problem lies in the technique, so it is very important to receive good professional instruction beforehand.

Half an hour of swimming burns 345 calories, and another of the great benefits is that the risk of injury is lower.

4. Soccer

Soccer is one of my favourite sports and, without a doubt, one of the most popular and important. In addition to being extremely fun and emotional, soccer necessarily involves teamwork, concentration, and exercise of the body at different levels.

Increases aerobic capacities, soccer improves cardiovascular health, improves muscle tone, strength, endurance, and flexibility, helps to lose weight, improves bone capacities, and many other health aspects, both physical and psychological.

On the other hand, it is a sport that is obligatorily practised for 90 minutes, in which all the time you must run and precisely, running 30 minutes burns about 430 calories. The problem, in this case, muscle or even bone injuries are much more likely to happen.

5. Cycling

Cycling helps strengthen the muscular composition, give resistance to the muscles, and burn many calories like the previous sport.

30 minutes of cycling helps burn 431 calories and gives the body great flexibility. But this is a very dangerous sport if not practiced properly and has the most serious accident and injury rates in sports.

That is why it is very important to practice this sport (which is still one of the best sports for the body). You are properly prepared, use the appropriate protective equipment, and take all the necessary precautions.

6. Tennis

Similar to squash, tennis is also a great sport for health and brings great benefits. As in the first of those on this list, the muscles are exercised to a great extent and as in soccer, practising tennis keeps the body in constant motion. As for the risks, this is another sport in which muscle injuries and tendonitis are present.

7. Basketball

As in soccer and tennis, in basketball, teamwork, emotional, psychological, and physical aspects, benefits in terms of muscles, bone health, and the cardio-respiratory system stand out.

During a basketball game, one keeps in full motion, and practising 30 minutes of this popular sport helps to burn more than 300 calories. Basketball has a lot to do with aerobics, as you run and jump all the time. Muscle and bone injuries are also present to a great extent.



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