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6 Signs Invisalign is Right for You

At any one moment, millions of individuals in the United States wear braces. 25% of them are adults, according to data. However, most people would like to avoid train track-style braces since they may harm their self-esteem and distract from a professional image. However, how can people who are opposed to the look of braces get their teeth straightened?

Invisalign is the solution. With this approach, you may straighten any crooked teeth without seeming as though you’ve ever had braces. However, not everyone qualifies as a candidate.

We’ll discuss some of the signals that you’re a good candidate for Invisalign and how to begin the procedure with your dentist or orthodontist.

1.     You’re dissatisfied with your grin

The strongest predictor of whether or not you should pursue Invisalign is your attitude toward your smile. Have you developed a habit of concealing your teeth or smiling with your lips closed? Invisalign may be used to address a variety of orthodontic issues connected with low self-esteem. If you’re wondering, “Can Invisalign correct crowding?” The answer is yes! Invisalign is intended to move your teeth closer to a healthy, attractive alignment with each new set of transparent aligners.

2.     Caries of the teeth and gum disorders

Apart from aesthetic concerns, malfunctioning Invisalign® appliances might also result in significant health complications. The spaces formed by erroneous Invisalign® and crooked teeth provide ideal breeding grounds for the germs that cause tooth decay and other gum disorders.

Due to the difficulty of reaching these gaps with routine flossing or brushing, those who have had any form of orthodontic relapse are at an increased risk of tooth decay or gum disease. Always schedule an appointment with your orthodontist if your gums often bleed or seem red.

3.     You have a bad bite.

Invisalign is not just used to straighten teeth cosmetically. Indeed, Invisalign is quite successful in correcting malocclusions or crooked teeth. Invisalign may be used to correct overbites, open bites, underbites, and crossbites. If you are asking yourself, “Where can I get Invisalign near me?”, well worry not. There are a ton of dentists that offer Invisalign braces. All you have to do is go online and search for the top Invisalign dentists in your location.

Depending on the severity of your bite disorder, you may need an Invisalign attachment for a more thorough and efficient treatment; nonetheless, Invisalign transparent aligners are custom-fit to your teeth and gently realign the bite.

4.     You Desire a Reduced Number of Appointments

Invisalign treatment will need fewer visits than conventional orthodontics. Patients undergoing conventional orthodontics must see the dentist regularly for checks and adjustments. On the other hand, Invisalign helps you spend less time in the dentist’s chair. Three consultations are required for Invisalign therapy. Consultations are included in the first visit. At this point, imprints of your teeth are taken, and the details of your treatment are discussed.

You will get your retainers during the second visit. Some patients get all of their aligners at this stage, while others receive just a part of their aligners. A final visit is required in every instance to confirm that the dentist has completed the therapy. The majority of Invisalign patients will need more than the required three sessions, although you may not require many more. It is particularly true if you have modest dental alignment concerns and adhere to wearing your Invisalign for at least 22 hours every day.

5.     You’ve Had Braces in the Past

Frequently, persons who had metal braces as teenagers or young adults tend to neglect their retainer for many reasons. Your teeth gradually revert to their default, crooked form, and you are filled with sorrow for not using your retainer more often.

You’re in luck; invisible braces are an excellent alternative for restoring your teeth to their initial, flawless condition relatively cheaply and fast, depending on the extent of the modifications.

If you have previously worn braces and require a minor adjustment, Invisalign is the ideal solution.

6.     You Maintain Proper Oral Hygiene

Maintaining proper dental hygiene is critical while using Invisalign trays. Not only must your mouth be healthy, but you must also be able to properly care for your trays to avoid infection or other complications. It relates to the previous statement about being responsible when using Invisalign trays. You must clean them regularly and look after the trays. Otherwise, you may be required to pay a significant sum to replace them.

Additionally, before a dentist or orthodontist evaluates you, you must confirm that your mouth is clear of illness or other abnormalities and that you brush frequently.



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