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5 Reasons why jewellers in Hatton Garden are popular in UK

Almost a century old and yet the Hatton Garden holds a special place in the heart of UK. Known as UK’s most popular and trusted jewellery hub, this place has maintained its reputation throughout the years. But what makes it so special and popular even today? Let’s find out.

  • Customizable jewellery at reasonable prices

Nowadays everyone likes to design their own jewellery instead of just buying something that stores offer. People look up for designs on the internet, use their own creativity to mix and match and finally come up with something unique which they then buy. Hatton Garden jewellers offer some really amazing options to personalise and customise jewellery. They have their own catalogue along with many additions that you can match with the existing design. The artists will even help you design something unique.

  • Old and trusted jewellery stores since decades

Hatton Garden has been the most famous jewellery hub in all of UK since decades now. Which means the stores there belong to old and trusted jewellers with a loyal customer base. For years these stores have served customers and earned a name for themselves and their fame spreads through word of mouth. To top it up, now there is social media to hype up these veteran jewellery shops and so they manage to remain popular in the United Kingdom even today.

  • Competitive prices

One of the major reasons people love shopping in Hatton Garden is because the jewellers there offer items at competitive prices. Think of it this way, there are so many jewellery shops lined up in Hatton Garden that if you do not like one, you can just hop, skip and jump to the other. So they have to keep the prices low in order to attract more customers. Also there are frequent exhibitions, discounts and sales happening there throughout the year. That is the best time to shop at the lowest prices in all of UK.

  • Talented artists

Hatton Garden jewellery shops have some of the really talented jewellery artists. There are new designs launched every season and you can find all of the latest trends of lab grown diamond rings here. Also, the artists themselves help you to design something of your own and bring your creativity to life as they bring the picture of a jewellery piece that’s in your mind, into reality. In fact, they make it better than you could possibly imagine. The stores are very old and the artists live up to their name.

  • One stop hub for all your jewellery requirements

With so many shops to choose from, you’ll never run out of options in the Hatton Garden. You can ding all the latest designs here and in case you don’t like the collection in one store, you can always go to the other, and the other, and the one after that, until you finally find what you’re looking for. The place is always up to date with trends, but at the same time, you will also find some really popular old classics here.

The wedding season is upon us and you can find the latest designs in some unique wedding rings.

We can vouch for the fact that you won’t return empty handed from Hatton Garden once you visit. The place will charm you and you’re bound to find that perfect piece of jewellery you’ve been looking for since a long time.



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